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C20AB-2W8002 Shangchai C6121 Pump
Name:Shangchai C6121 Pump 
Model: C20AB-2W8002
Quality: genuine original
Packing: carton or according to customer requirements 
MOQ: 1 
Payment: Cash,T/T,L/C,Western Union or MoneyGram
Transportation:Express, by shipping, by land, by air, door to door are all ok.

Product features:

Our main business: 
1. Sinotruk HOWO truck vehicle parts, 
2. XCMG crane, excavator, grader parts, 
3. Shangchai engine parts, 
4. Weichai engine parts, 
5. Fast Gearbox parts, 
6. Shaanxi (Shacman) truck vehicle parts, 
7. Cummins engine parts, 
8. SDLG excavator parts. 
9. Shantui bulldozer parts 

If you need these accessories, please contact us. 

Other Shangchai C6121engine parts:

Body assembly components  7N6550
Body (six-cylinder)  4P0623
Cylinder liner  2P8889
Main bearing cap  6N8001
Main bearing cap  6N8002
O-ring  5S6670
Seal  2W6134
Bush  7S3224
Bush  7M4046
Bush  8N4110
Roof  7N7998(1W1410)
Gasket  7W7546
Cypriot bowl  4B5387
Cypriot bowl  4B3938
Studs  1S9540
Bolts  8M9307
Bolts  2B0858
Bolts  7H3171
Bolts  5M6214
Bolts  5M6213
Washers  2S8462
Bolts  GB308-9.5250
Ball  6F7062
Washers  8K1207
Studs  5B7652
Studs  8B6349
Studs  3S5496
O ring  5M2894
Washers  2A3798
Studs  4L3395
Studs  1M0130
Cover  4M6480
Gasket  4M6480
Cover  8L8662
Gasket  5S8055
Screw  8M3267
Bolts  0L1351
Bolts  1A2029
Welded parts  02BB001
Crankshaft  7C3628
Crankshaft  4W0450
Crankshaft  9Y9895
Assembly No.  8N5286
Assembly No.  2Y8623
Assembly No.  7N1342
Assembly No.  7N1292
Assembly No.  02BZ003
Assembly No.  02BZ004
Seal assembly  2P6266 / 2P6226
Seal assembly  2P6224
Refueling pipe  1W4928
Refueling pipe  9S1434
Refueling pipe  2P2719
Welded parts  8N2280
Come lid member  7S1803
Come lid member  6N2985
O ring  5F3106
Gasket  5S8055
Gasket  2P2720
Bolts  0S1566
Bolts  2P3206
Bolts  2P3201
Bolts  1A2029
Kahuang  7S1801
Rivet  GB875-5*10-Zn.D
Rivet  GB875-5*17-Zn.D
Washers  GB97.1-5-140HV
Washers  5M2894
Hook  2P2717
Refueling tube assembly  2P6855
Refueling tube assembly  4N5139
Refueling tube assembly  8N9703
Refueling tube assembly  6N1268
Gasket  4M2969
Gasket  8S1965
Welded parts  2P1738
Oil pan  8S6086
Oil pan  03AL005
Oil pan  03AL006
Welded parts  4W0482
Bolts  2A3852
Bolts  5N8780
Gasket  2A3398
Washers  5M2894
Bolts  0L1351
Bolts  1A2029


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