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C05AL-4W5739 + A Shangchai C6121 engine connecting rod bearing
Model: C05AL-4W5739 + A 
Application: Shangchai C6121 
Quality: genuine original 
Material: Cast Iron 
Packing: Export wooden box, tray, carton, container 
MOQ: 1 
Method of payment: TT; L / C, Western Union or MoneyGram 
Transportation: Express, by shipping, by land, by air, door to door are all ok. 

Product features:

Catalog of other Shangchai C6121 engine parts:

Clamp  7L6326
Washers  8T4896
Nuts  2K4973
Bolts  0S1590
Nuts  6V8801
Bolts  0L2070
Nuts  2P3261
Nuts  0T0320
Nuts  1D4718
Bolts  0S0509
Washers  5M2894
Bolts  1T0822
Bolts  0S1619
Bolts  7X0301
Washers 2S7593
Bolts  9B7237
Bolts  8T9367
Washers  8T4205
Nuts  6V8185
Bolts  8T7008
Bolts  0S1589
Washers  5P8247
Bolts  1A2029
Bolts  0S1594
Filter Accessories  KLB-14-000
Filter  K2640X-2
Filter Accessories  KLB-14A-000
Rubber tube  5S3919
Filter  2P1484
Filter  7C5732
Filter  2P8877
Filter  9Y3125
Filter  7E4268
Filter  7C5733
Filter  4N7217
Filter  9Y3130
Filter  14BZ001
Filter  14BZ002
Filter  14BZ003
Filter  14BZ101
Oil Pump Parts  6N2642
Suction pipe  4N5353
Gasket  2P8746
Bolts  0S1590
Bolts  0S1619
Bolts  3B1915
Washers  5M2894
Oil Pump Parts  4W2448
Gear  7W0507
Woodruff key  8M5599


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