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C06AB-2W7458 Shangchai C6121 engine crankshaft
Model: C06AB-2W7458 
Application: Shangchai C6121 
Quality: genuine original 
Material: Cast Iron 
Packing: Export wooden box, tray, carton, container 
MOQ: 1 
Method of payment: TT; L / C, Western Union or MoneyGram 
Transportation: Express, by shipping, by land, by air, door to door are all ok. 

Product features:

Catalog of other Shangchai C6121 engine parts:

Bulkhead  16BL020(761G-04-052)
Oiling Cup  GB1152-M10*1
Washers  Q/SC598-10*18
O ring  9F4446
Fan pulley  2W8494
Fan pulley  16BL019
Fan pulley  16BL003
Belt  1M7303(2W8951)
Belt  7M0304(5R7276)
Belt  CX1622LI(16BB001)
Belt  16CL001
Belt  16CL002
Belt  16CL003
Belt  16BL025(16BB010)
Belt  16BB012
Belt  4M5429
Belt  5H7371
Belt  7B0344
Belt  3S6272
Bolts  2H5330
Bolts  4L6459
Bolts  0L2070
Bolts  8T9101
Bolts  0L1143
Nuts  6V8801
Washers  8T4896
Washers  5M2894
Cover  16BL021
Fan pulley  8N3105
Fan pulley  9Y3211
Fan pulley  7N3790
Fan pulley  16BZ003
Fan pulley  7N4102
Fan pulley  3N5626
Triangle  7M4706
Triangle  7M4710
Triangle  8L4526
Coupling  3N5658
Triangle  16CZ002
Triangle  16CZ003
Fan pulley  16BZ004
Fan pulley  16BZ005
Fan pulley  16BZ009
Fan pulley  16BZ011


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