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AZ9725160100Sinotruk Howo truck 430 clutch pressure plate
Model: AZ9725160100 
Application: Sinotruk Howo truck 
Quality: genuine original 
Material: Steel cast 
Size: 430mm 
Weight: 2.3kg 
Packing: Export wooden box, tray, carton, container 
MOQ: 1 
Method of payment: TT; L / C, Western Union or MoneyGram 
Transportation: Express, by shipping, by land, by air, door to door are all ok. 

Product features:

Catalog of other Sinotruk Howo truck parts:

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WG9100361002 inch thread through connector body 
WG9100360354 Chinese warning signs 
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WG9100360135 spacer rings 
WG9100360134 spacer rings 
WG9014230017 hose fittings 
WG9014230010 hose fittings 


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